How to Brighten Up an Otherwise Dull Space in Your Home

A home that is light and bright can seem more cheerful and more inviting.  It can also become a more relaxing environment for the entire family.  Dull and drab spaces are depressing and can make a person feel claustrophobic rather than comfortable.  If you have a dull space in your home you may not need to give it a complete makeover to bring in some freshness.  Consider some quick tips for making any space more cheerful.

Paint colour may be one of the best ways to make a space brighter and bolder.  You don’t need to paint a space bright white for it to feel more airy, as white can be crisp but also a little dull.  Instead, consider a sandy beige or a light shade of forest green.  These colours add personality while keeping the space cheery.  Yellow is also a good colour for making a space seem sunny and welcoming, and even an accent wall in a sunny yellow can transform an entire space.


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You may not have the funds to completely replace your furniture but a new sofa can make a space seem more welcoming and cheerful.  Choose one in an updated colour or fabric that is light and new.  You don’t always need to go light to make a space feel cheerful, as a warm beige can bring in a fresh new feel.  For a modern look you might choose something in a grey tone or other metallic shade.

Bringing in sunlight is also a good way to brighten up a space, which can be difficult if your windows are small.  A trick many designers use is to hang mirrors as these help to reflect and bounce around the light.  Hang a mirror opposite something attractive so it has a nice reflection; hanging it opposite a window will give you the most amount of light!  Modern homes may call for a grouping of mirrors, such as many round mirrors put together in one space.

Your artwork can also affect how your room feels, so note if you have heavy pieces.  These might include thick wooden frames around pictures or oversized wood cabinets.  These can make a space feel closed in and they don’t allow for much reflection of light.  Try glass accessories and lighter accent pieces to bring a more refreshing feeling into your room.

Best Friend Getting Married? Surprise Them With These Five Unique Wedding Gifts

Your best friend is getting married and the pressure is on to find them the perfect gift. Finding that perfect gift for the wedding day can be almost impossible. It is one of the most personal relationships in your life, and a gift from the gift registry is too impersonal for your friendship. Your gift should be unique and different, just like your bestie!

Best Friend Getting Married Surprise Them With These Five Unique Wedding Gifts pic

Save the Memories:

 There are always events in life that everyone wants to always remember, and a journal is the perfect way to do that. A journal is a map of a person’s life. Filled with a person’s dreams, and daily events, it is a touching and personal gift to give. At, there is a stunning array of beautiful hand stitched leather journals to chose from. A great way for your friend to remember their big day and record treasured experiences in marriage.

Be Crafty:

 Frame the “big day” for your friend. Having the wedding invitation mounted and framed makes for a charming and personal wedding gift. The newlyweds will be able to proudly display the wedding invitation in their home as a memory of both their special day and your special friendship.

Personalized Gifts:

 To be truly unique, personalize something for the happy couple other than stationary. A beautiful ceramic bowl, for example, that your friend can both use in their new home and enjoy as a memento is sure to impress. Personalized for your friend, it is a beautiful decoration that can turn into a family heirloom.


 While many people would not consider giving the happy couple a home security system on their wedding day, it is a unique and caring gift. If your best friend is beginning their new life in a new home, what better way to say you care than providing safety and security for the happy couple.


 This may seem like an odd gift; yet it just might be the best gift the couple receives. A wedding is filled with stress, and often times the honeymoon is as well. With the pressures of starting life as a married couple and the expectations that often accompany this, your best friend will need a vacation. No one knows your best friend better than you, so send the couple on a break. Leaving it open ended is also a good idea so they are able to choose when to leave and return.

It’s your best friend’s wedding. A truly unique gift shows that you care and value their friendship. You know your best friend better than anyone. Your gift should be a reflection of the value you place on your relationship. With a little creativity, you can show your bestie just how much you care!

Five Quick and Easy Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

Are you finding your favorite gear-head is difficult to shop for? Chances are, the car enthusiast that you know will already have tools. For this reason, it is important to focus on new products they are unlikely to have. If you are looking for a gift that will make any car-lover swoon, look at these five quick and easy gift ideas.

5 Quick and Easy Gift Ideas for the Car Enthusiast

Amazing car-fixer’s companion

Are you looking for a useful gift that your favorite car remodeling enthusiast? Remodeling a car is often a frustrating process because you might need to reorder parts that have not been manufactured for decades. While you may not be able to patch everything, there is a new solution you will want to try before you buy plastic replacement parts. Before you spend hundreds of dollars, see if new epoxies will work as a solution for any plastic non-mechanical parts. This substance will remind you of modeling clay, and it dries overnight. You remove it from the package, and mold it into the shape you need.

Gift certificates with a twist

When you get something like auto insurance quotes, they rarely list information about luxury cars on their website because so few people can afford them. For this reason, it is easy to deduce that the car-lover you know may want a taste of this type of experience. Addressing this need are luxury car rental businesses. Once the driver’s license paperwork is submitted, anyone can drive away for a day in a rare vehicle. Of course, businesses of this type offer gift certificates for your favorite gear-head.

The gift of auto club friendship

It can get lonely working outside in the garage by yourself. In order to get your favorite car-lover a few friends that are automobile enthusiasts, buy them a subscription or membership to a local car club. After a few meetings, your favorite car-lover will find some friends that enjoy all of their automobile-related activities. Good ideas include memberships to racetracks, hot rod garage clubs, regional antique car shows, and automobile travel clubs.

A car gift every month

Even with the best intentions, some people are simply too difficult to shop for. Without spending a considerable amount of time selecting the gift, it can seem impossible to find anything car-related that will suit them. In these cases, a monthly gift subscription is one of the best quick ideas. In particular, services that offer gifts such as sunglasses or car magazines are the best solution for automobile enthusiasts.

Tickets to a major car event

When in doubt, a nice key-chain is always the fastest and easiest gift. Regardless, it would be nice if the key-chain was attached to two tickets to a major auto-related event. The car enthusiast in your life will be overwhelmed when they see that you got them tickets to a stunt driving show, monster truck rally, NASCAR event, the MotoGP, the Indy 500, Circuit of the Americas, an antique car show or a low rider expo. In conclusion, it is clear that you will be able to find a quick and easy gift solution for anyone you know that loves cars. The hard part will be choosing between the various options.


Hayley is a freelance blogger. She recommends Texas auto insurance quotes for affordable car insurance.

How to Take Care of Opal Jewellery

Opals are mesmerising gemstones, milky blue with flashes of brilliant fiery colours. The more brilliant the colour, or fire, the more valuable the opal.

The most valuable opals come from Queensland and New South Wales in Australia, which have been the main producer of opals since their discovery in the 1870’s. Unlike most other gemstones, opal is not a crystal but like amber, they are unstructured solids.

They look stunning when set into jewellery, such as the drop earrings in the boutique jewellery site

If you are already the proud owner of a beautiful opal ring or earrings, then you need to know how to take care of your jewellery to maximise your opal’s life.

Opals contain up to 20% water and are sensitive to temperature. Although the water is what gives the stone its distinctive colour flashes, it is the water that makes the opal fragile as it dries out over the years, causing them to become brittle.

Rating a 5.5 to 6.5 on the hardness scale, opals are softer than diamonds, rubies or other precious stones; opals need special care to ensure they stay beautiful for many years.

How to avoid damaging your opal jewellery:

·      Take your opal jewellery off before playing sport.

·      Do not wear in the shower, bath or while cooking as sudden changes in temperature can damage opals.

·      Take care not to scratch or chip your opal jewellery against bannisters, windows or furniture.

How to clean opal jewellery:

·      Rinse in lukewarm water.

·      Rub gently with silk or cotton.

·      Never use harsh soaps or detergents as these alter the pH balance of the opal or cause vibrations and cracking.

·      Professional polishing will bring life back into a dull opal.

How to store opal jewellery:

·      Care must be taken to ensure the moisture is kept inside the opal.

·      Opals should be stored in moist natural fabric, such as damp cotton wool and than seal to stop water absorbing out from the stone.

·      Avoid leaving in storage for a long time in a place with low humidity (such as a safe) as the opals will crack.

·      Keep your opals away from windows, radiators or air conditioning.

·      Rinse your opal in water from time to time.

Opals are somewhat fragile gemstones, but when you know how to wear, clean and store opal jewelry properly, your opal jewellery will stay beautiful for decades.

What to Consider When Buying Engagement Rings

Engagement rings symbolize love, commitment, love and affection, and other positive aspects of marital bliss. However, shopping for the right engagement is never a blissful and cheerful process, because buying this type of ring will cost the bride and groom (or the groom only) a whole lot of money. Here are a number of crucial factors to carefully consider when shopping for engagement rings today.


Know what Your Bride-to-Be Wants

The first step in getting the right engagement ring, would be to ask your wife-to-be what type of stone she likes, and what ring style she truly prefers. However, if she doesn’t have an idea of which ring style or stone she likes, why don’t you try proposing without a ring first,? or it would be better if the two of you shop around and compare choices.

Evaluate Your Budget

The next step would be to evaluate how much you can afford. Go to the nearest jewelry store (preferably a reputable one) and consult from the experts. You could also get useful advice from   friends and family, and ask about their experiences with regard to jewelry stores, and engagement rings deals. But if you want to find truly affordable deals, you can go online, because many online jewelry dealers offer good-quality rings for a fraction of the price (however beware of fly-by-night online jewelry shops). If you are considering buying a diamond engagement ring, be ready to cough out two to three thousand dollars for a half-carat diamond.


Remember The 4 C’s

When buying diamond engagement rings, make sure you understand, and remember the 4 C’s. These are carat, clarity, color and cut. The term “carat” refers to the stone’s weight, while clarity deals with the number of flaws, or “inclusions”. And as for color, diamonds are generally colorless, though they will sport varying grades of yellow and white.


Other Helpful Ideas to Consider

When shopping around for stylish but affordable engagement rings, remember that you can actually purchase the setting, stone and band on an individual basis. If you are unsure where to buy these items,  buy a less-expensive variant. Thus, if your bride-to-be doesn’t like it, then you can go back to the jewelry store, and have it traded for a more costly ring. Finally, talk to your fiancee, and find out what her true feelings are about the rings. Remember that the most crucial aspect in buying engagement rings is not the “two-month salary rule”, nor the size of the stone only. Buying an engagement ring also requires the cooperation, and “union” of two souls.


Baby Baskets, Baby Gift Basket, Baby Gift Baskets, Luxury Baby Gift Baskets, Luxury Baby Gifts, Unique Baby Gift Baskets

If you are seeking something useful and also special to gift for a baby, look into lovely baby baskets.  Baby Stuff offers a range of lovely baby baskets for both boys and girls. Each baby gift basket is so designed to have some of the most unique and specialized items that can be used for babies who are less than a year old.  By gifting unique baby gift baskets, you can be sure of giving something that is not just wonderful but one which will be valued used and also remembered by the parents to who you gift it.

A typical baby baskets has set of baby item that is placed in a natural rush basket. Typical items that are included in it are bibs, mitts, a bodysuit, soft toys, booties and much more. The clothes that are include embroidery and appliqué work which is very unusual and which gives a lovely personalized touch.  Every luxury baby gift basket has an unusual set of items that cannot be found in another basket which is why buying a basket from us is different as it serves as unique gift item that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

We know that every baby is special and hence we have a separate baby gift baskets set for boys and another one for girls. The one for boys is in blue color and for girls, the basket and its contents are is pink.  We also have another basket set for twins and this has a set of twin items for both babies in a lovely basket setting. We take care to include only those items that are popularly selected by people for hampers and basket items. These luxury baby gifts will be regularly used in taking care of the child and as they are premium quality ones, they are certainly a valuable gift item for the parents and the baby.

Official Website


When people celebrate birthdays, they make it a point to purchase gifts for their appreciated ones. Rejoice anniversaries would mean that people who are in a association or are wedded are celebrating an significant landmark in their being. To those who are wedded, celebrating their wedding anniversary or marriage anniversary is something that could remind them of how their connection in progress. In case you are scheduling on selling anniversary gifts, then here are several of the things that you might be fascinated in:

Jewelry – is certainly one of the significant options when looking for the most excellent anniversary gift. Women feel affection for jewelry so if you actually desire to make sure that you obtain the most excellent gift for your loved one, and then construct sure that you pick the finest jewelry for them.

Holiday package – an additional great gift thought is going on a vacation. The fine thing about getting this as a gift is the reality that not only will your loved one enjoy the gift but you can absolutely join the fun as well. You might desire to look for one of the places that you and your wife love going to or you can seem for a place where you haven’t gone to yet.

Electronic gadgets – these are also huge gift ideas particularly if your other half is into electronic material. You can absolutely pick from a wide diversity of electronic gadgets that you would surely love. Make sure that you obtain the most excellent gadget that your wife prefers.

gift segment

A gift card is fundamentally the electronic version of a conventional paper gift certificate. As we all be familiar with, a gift card is straightforward shopping and a method to offer a gift while allowing the receiver to decide the items he or she wishes. Usually, the gift contributor buys a card from a merchant or bank for a specific amount of cash The receiver can either acquire something, or, in the majority cases, use the card for cash.
Gift cards are huge trade. According to a customers Report review, they are the most-hunted gifts for females and the third mainly preferred gift by males in the U.S. The 2007 analysis found that 62 percent of customers considered giving cards that time, second only to clothes, which 71 percent designed to give.

Two kinds
Clients can pick between two essential kinds of gift cards. Further trendy are the cards customer acquire from traders, named closed loop cards. They can be use only at the dealer’s store. Seller usually does not charge to get or employ their cards.
Open loop-issued or, gift cards are normally associated with a chief credit card. The majority businessmen that allow that credit card will also admit the cards. Banks indict a charge to purchase a gift card; other charges may concern.
The gift card business is vibrant and modern, continually finding new traditions to apply the gift card idea and enlarge the technology.
Interactive gift cards have contented blaze into them. A few have a gap in the middle and play like DVDs. Depending on the seller, these interactive cards might have music downloads, video games and purchasing suggestions and presents.

About the wedding gifts

Wedding is the event to celebrate union of the two hearts and souls in the eternal love bond. Words wedding and marriage are synonymous; these words signify fusion of the two souls. Word wedding, but, radiates the different feeling. The marriage becomes the wedding when with sacred and emotional overtones, occasion is really commemorated by the merrymaking and environment is really charged with the revelry. So that is why the weddings are events where invited parties come all together to show their joy and love for groom and the bride.

The wedding gifts are presented as the token of the support and love. Purpose of the gifts of wedding is to communicate the happiness at union in the perceptible physical shape to the newlyweds, delight in the exhilaration. Conventionally, the gift presenting was the way to aid newlyweds makes their new house.

Value of the gift of wedding must never be judged in the monetary terms. The gift of wedding must reflect thought behind this. Belief which value of the gift of wedding must be equivalent to cash expended every person at the party is the gross misnomer. And in the monetary sense, the type of the relation the guest shares really with a couple is the determinant of a gift value. And all the similar, the gift which is made from the hand such as the scrapbook ranks very high in the personal value, even though this has the small monetary value. The wedding gift should packed nicely and very carefully.


The generic gifts for the women

The generic gifts for women really work equally and for the woman recipient. And rather than select the gift or present based on the taste or personality of women, the generic gifts are pleasing, however has really no personal touch or all through behind this. Best time to select the generic gifts for the secret activity of Santa or the exchange of gift when you don’t have the information about recipient.

The jewelry

You should give her the gift of the jewelry. You should select from the necklaces, earrings, ankle bracelets or the bracelets. May be you would like to give her the locket, watch, Victorian broach or pendant. The other option of jewelry comprises belly rings, chains, pins, chokers, toe rings and tongue studs.

The beauty supplies

The nail polish is available in several different colors from the Gothic Black to the midnight red, the frosted pint to the vibrant blue. The eye liner, eye shadow and lipstick are available in the huge variety colors as well, giving you many options of gift for all females in the life. Prepay for the manicure and pedicure or the consultation of make up at the salon of beauty as the gift.

The hair

The treatment of hair like color, frost, cut or perm makes the best gift, as does the professional items such as shampoo, conditioner, gel and hair spray. Or purchaser her the new dryer with the diffuser or the iron of hair curling, the crimping iron or flat iron, she really can do by herself

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